Helix Live Tones Pack (PLUS A FREE FX ONLY PATCH)



This tone pack for the Line 6 Helix features my live “corporate band” patch that I use as part of my DI to PA system rig. It is a signal chain that contains a clean amp with all the gain stages and effects I need to get through a corporate gig where I play a wide range of songs. I’ve also thrown in a free bonus patch that I use when pairing my HX Stomp with an amp for gigs. It’s a similar setup but contains a Poly Capo to changing tunings without having to change guitar. The patches were created on the HX Stomp XL and come pre-mapped with the footswitches assigned. If you are using this on another type of Helix, you will need to re-map the footswitches.

PLEASE NOTE – These were created on Firmware version 3.11.0. They will not work on older Firmware updates. Please update your Firmware before installing the patches, This patch will NOT work on a regular HX Stomp as it exceeds the DSP requirements. It will work on a full size Helix but you will need to re-map the footswitches.

Included in the pack you will have the following tones:

  • LIVE TONE 1 – This is my tone patch for live work. It gives me a Fender style clean amp, a Klon and King of Tone for drive, a chorus for modulation and a slap back delay which is mapped to the Tap Tempo footswitch. I have also assigned one of the footswitches to function as a 3dB boost for leads. Running behind the scenes is a Hall Reverb and an EQ to get some extra sculpting and sparkle from the amp. I pair this with a DI box live for my straight to PA setup.
  • Live FX Only – This patch is another patch I use live when pairing it with an amp, or another amp sim pedal like the BluGuitar Amp1 or the Blackstar Dept. 10. This patch was created for me to be able to switch between standard and Eb tuning without swapping guitars and features the Poly Capo to handle that job. It contains the same effects as the LIVE TONE 1 patch, however I put a single block for the King of Tone instead of a pair, and a plate reverb instead of a Hall. This wasn’t talked about in the Youtube video I created on this topic, but I decided to throw this in as a bonus.



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