This tone pack for the Line 6 Helix is made up of 3 versatile patches that were created for Line 6 to demonstrate the versatility of the Helix for Blues guitar players. The patches were created on the HX Stomp XL and come pre-mapped with the footswitches assigned. If you are using this on another type of Helix, you will need to re-map the footswitches.

PLEASE NOTE – These were created on Firmware version 3.11.0. They will not work on older Firmware updates. Please update your Firmware before installing the patches,

Included in the pack you will have the following tones:

  • Clean Blues – This is a cleanish blues tone, great for those Mayer/SRV style blues licks. Inside this patch you’ll find a simple, warm clean tone based around a Dumble style amp. This is great for stacking drives and comes loaded with a Klon, Tubescreamer and King of Tone patch.
  • Tweed Blues – This patch takes you from Keith Richards to Joe Bonamassa. It’s a cranked Tweed amp. On a Tele you’re instantly in the Stones, switch to a Strat and you get those early 70s Clapton, Layla style tones. Plug in a Les Paul and you’re straight into Bonamassa country. There are a few drive options included to hit the amp a bit harder.
  • Bluesbreakey – This is the sound of the British 60s Blues Revival. Think cranked Plexis and Bluesbreaker combos. This is very responsive to guitar types. WIth a Strat you can get into a Hendrix vibe (Using the included fuzz foot switches) and with a humbucker guitar you can go from Eric Clapton’s Bluesbreakers tone to Jimmy Page.

Disclaimer – These tones have been created by me for educational and recreational purposes. They are based on some of my favourite players and favourite tones but are in no way associated with the artist directly, nor are they carbon copies of the exact artist tone.


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