Guitar Legends Helix Tone Pack – Vol. 1



This tone pack for the Line 6 Helix is made up of 15 of my favourite tones that I use on a regular basis. They are all inspired by classic guitar tones from big name players and tracks. The pack is available for full Helix (Floor/Rack/LT) and Stomp (Regular and XL) users.

Please Note, to meet the reduced DSP and block handling of the Stomp and Stomp XL units, some blocks and functionality has been removed. In the Stomp and Stomp XL patches, no footswitch assignments have been made as users may have a certain preference on how they wish to set out the switching options.

Included in the pack you will have the following tones:

  • Bohemian May – A Brian May style tone similar to that off the track Hammer to Fall. Also works great for lead lines like the Bohemian Rhapsody solo.
  • Clapton Beano – A cranked Bluesbreaker style tone based on that of the Clapton tone from the Beano also. PAF style pickups work great with this.
  • ConTONEiuum – A John Mayer style clean tone with a few gain stages added as switchable options to cover most of the core Mayer tones.
  • Daves Brick – A compressed, smooth lead tone similar to the David Gilmour tone on Another Brick in the Wall.
  • Def Sugar – 80s rock heaven. This is over the top, over saturated, over processed 80s goodness. Based on my love of the Hysteria album from Def Leppard.
  • Eric Dominos – This is a Clapton style tone from the Derek and the Dominos album. Essentially a cranked Fender Champ. It’s quite a harsh tone, perfect for screaming blues licks.
  • Keefs Sugar – This is my Keith Richards style rough and ready rhythm tone. Perfect with a Telecaster in Open G.
  • Papa Het – When you need to get heavy, this scooped, saturated tone based on early Metallica will get you going.
  • Slash N Roses – This early GnR style rough around the edges rock tone is great for bluesy rock and roll licks and singing lead lines.
  • Smooth Carlos – This is a smooth, saturated lead tone similar to a Carlos Santana style tone. Perfect for singing lead lines that really sustain.
  • SRV and Joy – This is a Texas Blues tone based around the SRV vibe. Switch off the TS808 block and you get a sweet, Lenny style clean.
  • StillGotTheTone – This is a Gary Moore inspired tone, perfect for holding those emotive string bends. It’s got a lot of gain but without being harsh. Perfectly pairs with a Les Paul neck pickup.
  • Sultans of Tone – This Knopfler inspired tone is super clean and bouncy. Switch on the boost for a mild breakup.
  • Whole Lotta Page – This is a Jimmy Page style tone, perfect for those mid heavy 70s British Classic Rock riffs.
  • Wind Cries Jimi – At its core, this is a clean Hendrix style patch, but there are Fuzz, Wah, Octavia and drive blocks to give you the full Hendrix experience

Disclaimer – These tones have been created by me for educational and recreational purposes. They are based on some of my favourite players and favourite tones but are in no way associated with the artist directly, nor are they carbon copies of the exact artist tone. The patches were created on the Line 6 Helix Rack, if you are using the HX Stomp or HX Stomp XL, the patches may exceed the DSP allowance for the unit.

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Helix Floor/Rack/LT, HX Stomp/Stomp XL


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