To celebrate hitting 5000 Youtube subscribers I am giving away 5 awesome prizes!

Welcome to my 5K Giveaway. To celebrate hitting 5000 Youtube subscribers I am giving away 5 awesome prizes! You can enter simply by subscribing to my Youtube channel on the form below. If you are already subscribed and want to enter, hit that button and it will register your entry.

The more tasks you complete below, the more entries you get and the more chance you get to win!

The giveaway will run until I hit 5000 subscribers on Youtube. Once the milestone is hit, the giveaway will automatically be ended and a live draw for the winners will be arranged.

Details of the livestream to draw winners will be decided closer to the time.




  • ENTRY RULES: All entrants MUST subscribe to my Youtube channel and have their subscriptions visible to be eligible to win. This will be checked at the time of the draw. Any entires that do not meet this part of the critiera will not be counted.
  • MANUAL CHECKS: Entry points are automatically granted when links are clicked, but in order for the entry to be valid the steps must be completed. For example, if you choose the Support on Patreon option, you must sign up as a Patreon subscriber for your entry to count. All entries will be manually checked and any that do not complete the steps will be invalidated.
  • LOCATION: Entries are welcome from anywhere, however please note, some of the prizes on offer are large and will cost a lot to ship. As such, we withold the right to provide an alternative prize to anyone in a location that we are unable to ship to in a cost effective manner.
  • AGE: Entrants must be age 16 or over to be eligible.

Need More Help?

If you need more help, get in touch via the contact form as we will get back to you to help further. Please allow up to 5 business days for a response.

If you are a member, head to the Forum and post in the Help area for urgent support issues.